Taxpayers Federation slams Legault government for delaying balanced budgets

Author: 2021/03/25
  • Quebec budget expected to be balanced in 2027-28
  • Government rules out tax hikes to get back to balance
  • Employee compensation expenditures are up 3.7 per cent

MONTRÉAL, QC – The Canadian Taxpayers Federation criticized the Legault government’s decision to delay balancing the budget to 2027-28.

“It’s easy for a government to spend money, what requires true courage is to make choices based on our ability to pay,” said CTF Quebec Director Renaud Brossard. “By delaying its plans to balance the budget, the Legault government is shovelling its bills to the next generation of Quebecers.”

The government estimates it will run a $12.3-billion deficit in 2021-22

The government suspended the Balanced Budget Act, removing the requirements to balance the budget within five years.

Finance Minister Éric Girard rejected tax hikes as a means of balancing the budget, saying: “We won’t increase Quebecers’ tax burden. They already pay enough taxes.”

“Despite this government’s spending spree, taxpayers can find solace with the fact that Girard rejected tax hikes,” said Brossard. “But borrowing today will cost taxpayers more in the future so the government needs to find ways to control spending.”

Employee compensation spending is up 3.7 per cent in 2021-22.

Quebec’s economy shrank by 5.2 per cent last year.

“It goes to show there are two economic realities in Quebec: that of government bureaucrats who are guaranteed a job and a raise every year, and that of taxpayers who are stuck paying for it,” said Brossard. “If the government wants to get serious about balancing the budget, it needs to look no further than employee compensation costs.”

A Note for our Readers:

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We, the undersigned, call on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to scrap plans for a second carbon tax.

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