Equalization costs each Albertan $650 in 2021

Author: 2021/10/05

EDMONTON, AB: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation released analysis today showing equalization cost each Albertan an average of $650 this year. 

“Alberta taxpayers have paid billions of dollars through equalization, but politicians in other provinces and Ottawa continue to make it harder for our families to put food on the table,” said Kevin Lacey, Alberta Director with the CTF and Campaign Director of Fight Equalization. “Albertans have been getting a raw deal and this equalization referendum is our chance to tell Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that the equalization status quo must go.”

The CTF’s analysis uses government of Canada and government of Alberta data to estimate the cost of equalization to Albertans. 

Key findings include: 

  1. Equalization has cost Alberta taxpayers $67 billion since its inception in 1957
  2. The cost of equalization per Albertan has been $20,200 since 1957
  3. In 2021, equalization will cost Alberta taxpayers $2.9 billion
  4. On average, equalization will cost each Alberta $650 this year or $2,600 for a family of four. 
  5. Albertans have received less than 0.02 per cent of all equalization payments. The last equalization payment Alberta received was in 1964-65.

You can find the CTF’s analysis and methodology here: https://www.taxpayer.com/newsroom/cost-of-equalization-to-alberta-taxpayers

“What are we getting for all the equalization dollars we pay? Blocked pipelines and carbon taxes,” said Lacey. “Voting yes in the equalization referendum is a crucial step to show the rest of Canada that Albertans are tired of being treated as a cash cow.”

The Fight Equalization campaign is committed to winning the Oct. 18 referendum against Ottawa’s unfair equalization scheme. The campaign will include campaign signs, advertising and an on-line presence.