Fair Deal Panel confirms tackling equalization top priority in Alberta's fight for fairness

Author: Franco Terrazzano 17/06/2020

CALGARY, ABThe Canadian Taxpayers Federation is pleased to see that the Fair Deal Panel’s report acknowledges that equalization reform must be a key aspect of Alberta’s fight for fairness.

“Albertans know we’ve been getting a raw deal and that there is no fair deal without tackling equalization so it’s great to see the Fair Deal Panel acknowledge the importance of an equalization referendum,” said Franco Terrazzano, the CTF’s Alberta Director. “There’s still a lot more work to do, but this report and an equalization referendum are the crucial first few steps in Alberta’s fight for fairness.”

The Fair Deal Panel’s report makes it clear that taking on equalization must be a top priority for the Alberta government as it fights for fairness.

“Steps that the province can take together with other provinces and the federal government include, first and foremost, equalization reform,” reads the report. “Many Albertans told the panel that they were very angry with the federal government’s treatment of Alberta, especially on the subject of equalization. The proposed referendum on equalization would give Albertans an opportunity to engage actively and express their opinion on this question.”

The CTF provided an in-depth submission to the Fair Deal Panel and is pleased to see a number of recommendations adopted in the final report, such as:

  • Holding a referendum on equalization;
  • Challenging damaging federal policies such as the carbon tax and the no more pipelines law; and,
  • Increasing provincial autonomy over health care and social programs.

“Alberta taxpayers are tired of being the cash cow for politicians in other provinces,” said Terrazzano. “Albertans are ready to start fighting for fairness and that’s why it’s so important for the Alberta government to hold the referendum on equalization.”

You can find the CTF’s submission to the Fair Deal Panel here.