Federal carbon tax burden growing for Saskatchewan families

Author: 2019/12/17

Dec. 17, 2019

REGINA, SK: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is demanding answers as federal projections show carbon tax costs are going up for families while the projected rebate is being slashed.

“Ottawa owes taxpayers an explanation: why are carbon tax costs for Saskatchewan families going up while the rebate is going down?” asked Aaron Wudrick, Federal Director for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. “When governments raise taxes, elected representatives must stand and vote to take responsibility. Instead, this government is changing the numbers on the fly without any real explanation or transparency.”

Last year, the federal government projected carbon taxes would impose costs of $403 on the average Saskatchewan family and promised a rebate of $598. The 2019 carbon tax rate translated to 4.4 cents per litre on gasoline.

Prior to the election, the federal government projected the 2020 rebate would rise to $903 as the carbon tax jumped to 6.6 cents per litre.

This year, the federal government is projecting that carbon taxes will impose costs of $641 on the average Saskatchewan family, but the rebate will only be $792. The lower projected rebate means the average Saskatchewan family will lose $44 compared to last year.

It’s important to note rebates are supposed to be covered by carbon tax revenues so even if some taxpayers receive a net return, it’s a direct result of others carrying a heavier tax burden.

“Saskatchewan families will be paying more in carbon taxes while Ottawa slashes their rebates,” said Todd MacKay, the CTF’s Prairie Director. “In the meantime, not a single MP has voted on carbon tax rates or rebates. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau owes Saskatchewanians an explanation.”

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