Government budget ads cost taxpayers $70,000

Author: Gage Haubrich 2024/06/10

SASKATOON, SK: The government of Saskatchewan spent about $70,000 to advertise its latest budget, according to documents obtained by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

“It’s a special kind of irony when the government is wasting taxpayers’ money to let them know they spent a bunch of taxpayers’ money,” said Gage Haubrich, CTF Prairie Director. “The government shouldn’t be wasting money on ads to talk about a budget that isn’t balanced and wastes hundreds of millions of dollars on debt interest payments.

“This budget advertising is like bragging about getting a D on your report card.”

The provincial government spent $70,417 to advertise its budget in print, online and on social media, according to the documents.

The online ads feature stock photos and short videos with explainers highlighting government spending amounts on different projects and programs.

The government unveiled its budget on March 20, and is projecting a deficit of $273 million for 2024-25. By the end of 2025, the debt will be $21.1 billion. Interest payments on the debt will cost taxpayers $728.2 million this year, working out to about $597 per Saskatchewanian.

The budget also provided no new tax relief to Saskatchewanians.

“Money spent on ads like this shows that the government doesn’t care about spending money it doesn’t have,” Haubrich said. “In the real world, you don't spend $70,000 bragging about a giant dumpster fire and fail to mention the dumpster fire.” 

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