Pay cut for top bureaucrats would save taxpayers $72 million

Author: Franco Terrazzano 2020/12/10

CALGARY, AB: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation released data showing nearly 2,000 bureaucrats made more than $145,000 last year and a 20 per cent pay cut would save taxpayers $72 million per year.

“Taxpayers need our government employees to help shoulder the burden and that’s why it’s so important for the top of the bureaucrat pyramid to take a cut,” said Franco Terrazzano, the CTF’s Alberta Director. “The government is asking Albertans to make significant financial sacrifices, but we haven’t seen bureaucrats make the same sacrifice.”

Following new COVID-19 restrictions, United Conservative MLA Drew Barnes published a letter calling on all Alberta politicians, and top bureaucrats making more than $145,000 to take a 20 per cent pay cut.

The CTF released data published in the Alberta government’s compensation disclosure list that shows 1,991 Alberta government bureaucrats received more than $145,000 in compensation last year. A 20 per cent pay cut would save Alberta taxpayers $72 million every year.

This data only includes bureaucrats within Alberta government departments and does not include government employees working in agencies, such as Alberta Health Services. In October, the CTF discovered more than 900 AHS management bureaucrats are on the 2019 sunshine list because they received more than $132,924.

“So far, it’s clear we’re not all in this together,” said Terrazzano. “It can’t just be struggling families and businesses shouldering the burden, we need our top bureaucrats receiving the six-figure paycheques to take a cut.”

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