Poll shows Ontarians want carbon tax off home heating

Author: Franco Terrazzano 2023/11/22

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation released Leger polling showing 63 per cent of Ontarians want the carbon tax removed from everyone’s home heating bills. 

“The vast majority of Ontarians don’t think the government should be taxing people for heating their homes,” said Franco Terrazzano, CTF Federal Director. “The only thing in the way is the fact that Liberal MPs are too chicken to stand up to the prime minister and stick up for their constituents.”

The federal government is removing the carbon tax from home heating oil for three years. However, that carbon tax relief only helps three per cent of Canadian homes.

The Leger poll asked Ontarians if they support removing the carbon tax from all forms of home heating energy. 

Results of the poll show:

  • 63 per cent of Ontarians want carbon tax relief for everyone
  • 17 per cent oppose extending the carbon tax exemption
  • 20 per cent are unsure 

The poll shows 39 per cent of Ontarians strongly support removing the carbon tax off all forms of home heating fuels, while only eight per cent strongly oppose. A majority of Ontarians – across all regions, household type and education and income levels – want further carbon tax relief. 

“The poll is crystal clear: Ontarians are demanding relief this winter,” said Jay Goldberg, CTF Ontario Director. “Liberal MPs must listen to their constituents and fight for carbon tax relief for everyone.”

“The carbon tax is making life more expensive for everyone in every part of the country,” said Ontario Premier Doug Ford. “I’m urging the prime minister to do what’s right and eliminate the tax altogether.”

Every Liberal, along with one Independent and one Green MP from Ontario voted in the House of Commons to keep the carbon tax on home heating bills. NDP and Conservative MPs from Ontario voted for carbon tax relief.

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