Saskatchewan drivers missing out on long weekend road trip savings

Author: Gage Haubrich 2023/05/19

SASKATOON, SK: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is calling on the Saskatchewan government to cut the provincial gas tax as drivers fuel up for road trips during the Victoria Day long weekend.

“Saskatchewanians are paying high gas prices at the pump and gas taxes are a big part of that cost,” said Gage Haubrich, Prairie Director of the CTF. “Albertans are getting cheaper road trips this long weekend because the Alberta government slashed its gas tax to zero.”

Yesterday, the price of gas was $1.55 per litre in Saskatoon. The price of gas in Edmonton was only $1.38.

The Alberta government’s gas tax was 13 cents per litre, but it was suspended in November 2022. Albertans now only pay federal taxes at the pumps. Federal taxes cost 32 cents per litre of gasoline. That means drivers pay $37 in taxes to fill up a pickup truck and about $24 in taxes to fill up a minivan.

Saskatchewan’s gas tax is 15 cents per litre. Saskatchewan drivers pay both federal and provincial taxes at the pumps. Taxes total about 47 cents per litre of gasoline. That means drivers pay $55 in taxes to fill up a pickup truck and about $35 per minivan.

“Albertans save about $15 every time they fill up their pickup trucks,” Haubrich said. “Saskatchewanians should save some money this weekend and remember to fill up in Alberta on their way home from their Calgary road trip.”

A Note for our Readers:

As you may know, we're working hard to stop Prime Minister Trudeau's attempt to add a 2nd carbon tax upon Canadian taxpayers. If you are against this tax, would you take a moment today to read and consider signing the petition below?

When you do, your name will be added to the growing list of tens of thousands across our country who want to tell the government that we are opposed to these new taxes. Please take a moment to read the petition below and consider signing it today.

To Prime Minister Justin Trudeau:

The federal government is introducing new fuel standard regulations to require industry to reduce the carbon content of fossil fuels. If industry can’t meet the standard, they’ll have to pay Trudeau's second carbon tax. This tax will ultimately hit already struggling families and businesses.

It’s bad enough that taxpayers are already paying for one carbon tax. Canadians certainly can’t afford a second carbon tax.

We, the undersigned, call on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to scrap plans for a second carbon tax.

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