Taxpayers call on Ford to end LCBO monopoly

Author: Jay Goldberg 2024/07/05

Toronto, ON: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is calling on Ontario Premier Doug Ford to end the LCBO monopoly and allow local businesses to sell alcohol as the union shuts down government liquor stores with a strike.

“There is absolutely no reason taxpayers should be getting gouged to pay government union wages for someone to put their six pack in a bag,” said CTF Ontario Director Jay Goldberg. “We’ve all been to other places where local businesses can sell you a bottle and provide great service without going on strike over nonsense demands.”

LCBO employees are on strike, with a major sticking point being the Ford government’s plan to allow beer, wine, pre-mixed drinks and cider to be sold at corner stores and grocery stores.

The government is ending Ontario’s special deal with the Beer Store. However, the Ford government has yet to end the LCBO’s monopoly over the sale of vodka, whisky and other hard liquor.

In provinces like Saskatchewan and Alberta, non-government stores sell liquor with more convenience in terms of locations and hours and takes away the threat of a province-wide alcohol strike.

Ford pointed to the convenience factor in justifying ending Ontario’s special deal with the Beer Store.

“People are excited they’re going to have the same choice and convenience as other Canadians … they’re excited to hear they’re finally going to be treated as adults,” said Ford in announcing plans to end Ontario’s special deal with the Beer Store.

“Ford was right when he said Ontarians want to be treated as adults and he should do the job right by allowing local businesses sell all kinds of alcohol,” said Goldberg. “Ontarians want choice and convenience from neighbourhood businesses who don’t go on strike over nonsense contract demands.”

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