Taxpayers Federation delivers petition opposing taxpayer support for Duke and Duchess of Sussex

Author: 2020/01/21

OTTAWA, ON: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation delivered 80,000 petition signatures to the Prime Minister’s Office calling on the federal government to ensure Canadian taxpayers are not responsible for supporting the Duke and Duchess of Sussex when they are living in Canada.

“Canadians are pleased to welcome the Duke and Duchess to Canada, but have made it crystal clear that taxpayers should not be forced to support them while they are living here,” said CTF Federal Director Aaron Wudrick. “All Canadians wish them well as they realize their ambition of financial independence.”

In less than one week, the CTF collected more than 80,000 petition signatures calling on federal government to ensure taxpayer money is not used to support the Duke and Duchess.

A recent Angus Reid survey showed that fully 73 per cent of Canadians believe the Duke and Duchess should be responsible for covering all of their own costs.

“The Queen has made clear that British taxpayers will no longer be supporting the Duke and Duchess,” noted Wudrick, “Prime Minister Trudeau owes it to ensure Canadian taxpayers receive similar respect.”

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