Taxpayers Federation releases Green Line LRT costs for Calgary and Alberta households

Author: Franco Terrazzano 12/06/2020
  • $4,780 for a Calgary household
  • $1,030 for an Alberta household (outside of Calgary)

CALGARY, ABThe Canadian Taxpayers Federation released cost estimates showing the Green Line LRT project could significantly increase tax burdens for Calgary and Alberta households.

“Politicians need to cut taxes, not ribbons,” said Franco Terrazzano, the CTF’s Alberta Director. “Families can’t afford thousands of dollars in extra taxes. That’s why Calgary councillors and Alberta Premier Jason Kenney must put an end to the costly Green Line project.”

The total cost of the Green Line is expected to be $4.9 billion, with the province and the federal government contributing $1.53 billion each. The CTF estimates the capital costs for the Green Line LRT will cost a Calgary household about $4,780 and an Alberta household (outside of Calgary) about $1,030, when considering the proportion of federal, provincial and municipal taxes required to pay for the project. The CTF’s estimates only consider the cost of the first stage of the project. The estimates don’t consider costs to build other stages, interests costs or the operating costs to Calgarians.

Premier Jason Kenney has voiced concerns.

“It got cut in half and at the same cost, and I found this very frustrating,” said Kenney.

The CTF is calling on the Alberta government and Calgary city council to abandon the project given the massive budget challenges facing the provincial and city government, the urgent need for tax relief and the changing scope of the project.

“It’s bad enough that Calgary councillors are still considering this project, but there’s no way taxpayers across Alberta should be on the hook for these massive costs,” said Terrazzano “This is the worst possible time to be increasing families’ tax burdens.”