Career Opportunity: Campus Director

We should talk right away if you check these three boxes:

  • You can’t stand it when governments waste money
  • You would have a great time building a network of student activists and visiting every campus pub in Canada
  • In the future, you want to be front and centre in the heat of public policy debates

If you checked all three, this might be the one job in the world that fits you perfectly: Campus Director for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

Here’s what your life would look like:

You would travel to universities from coast-to-coast to energize and organize Generation Screwed campus clubs at the beginning of each semester. You’ll organize events focused on policy issues such as spiraling government debts that young people will be stuck paying off. But you’ll spend more time in campus pubs than lecture halls.

When you’re back from your national tours, you’ll be running social media campaigns and building training initiatives. You can work from the CTF’s offices in Regina or Ottawa or you can work from home. This isn’t a nine-to-five job; you’ll have long days when events are happening, but you’ll also have flexibility, especially in the summer.

Every August, you’ll be the ringleader for a few dozen of the very best student activists when you run the annual training weekend. It’s fun. And in the future, you’ll be able to call a network of activists who are quickly rising through the public policy ranks.

All the while, you’ll get some some of the best policy and communications training from the CTF’s Communications Directors and executives. In fact, we’ve promoted past Campus Directors right into Communication Director positions.

If all of this sounds amazing, send us your application and highlight these qualifications:

  • A commitment to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation’s mandate of lower taxes, less waste and more accountable government
  • Experience in politics or public policy
  • A university degree related to public policy (you can still apply if you’re graduating soon)
  • It would be an asset to have experience in student organizations, campaign operations, public speaking, writing, graphic design, social media campaigns and media.

To Apply:

Apply by emailing your resume and cover letter to Todd MacKay, Vice-President of Communications: [email protected]