Albertans need carbon tax protection

Author: Kris Sims 2024/02/21

LETHBRIDGE, AB: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is calling on the Alberta government to strengthen the Taxpayer Protection Act to shield Albertans from a future provincial carbon tax.

“Premier Danielle Smith should shield Albertans from a future provincial carbon tax because we can’t count on future politicians to stand against carbon taxes,” said Kris Sims, Alberta Director for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. “Someday, Trudeau’s federal carbon tax could be gone, but Albertans need a law protecting them against a provincial carbon tax happening here again.”

Currently, Alberta’s Taxpayer Protection Act shields Albertans from a PST and increases to personal or business taxes. It does not mention a provincial carbon tax.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford is now pledging to prevent a provincial carbon tax from being created in Canada’s most populous province.

Some candidates for the Alberta NDP leadership are now claiming they oppose a carbon tax.

In 2016, Alberta’s NDP government created a provincial carbon tax in Alberta, after not proposing one during the 2015 election campaign.

“Albertans know politicians will flip flop when it suits their purpose, so we need this shield against a provincial carbon tax to be put down in writing to protect taxpayers in the future,” said Sims. “If we have this protection against a provincial carbon tax it will be easier to recall any future politicians who violate the Taxpayer Protection Act and try to force a carbon tax on us.”



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