Taxpayers applaud pay freeze for Alberta MLAs

Author: Kris Sims 2024/04/04

LETHBRIDGE, AB: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is applauding the Alberta Legislature’s decision to freeze the pay of provincial politicians, including the premier.

“Over the past few years, we’ve seen local businesses struggle and many folks missing raises, so it shows good leadership for politicians at the legislature to refuse a pay hike,” said Kris Sims, CTF Alberta Director. “Albertans should not be on the hook for politician pay hikes, and this continued pay freeze at the legislature is in stark contrast to the city hall pay hikes we are seeing in Calgary and Edmonton.”

Alberta Members of the Legislative Assembly are paid $120,936 per year.

Cabinet ministers, the speaker and the leader of the opposition are paid $181,404 per year.

The premier of Alberta is paid $186,180 per year.

Pay for politicians at the Alberta legislature has been frozen since 2019 when they also took a $7,000 per year pay cut.

In contrast, the mayor of Calgary is paid $213,000 per year and the Mayor of Edmonton is paid $216,585. These high salaries follow years of pay hikes at city hall for both councillors and mayors.

“Premier Danielle Smith is making the right move to refuse a pay hike and it would be great to see the mayors of Calgary and Edmonton follow this lead,” said Sims. “We never hesitate to criticize politicians, but it’s important to praise them when they do the right thing, and refusing a pay hike is the right thing.”



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